picture this. Our coffee journey begins in the beautiful suburbs of Goiânia, Brazil.


We accept no less than beans roasted to perfection.

Roasted in small batches by hand, allowing for perfect shade and flavour.

maintaining the artisanal craft of roasting coffee.

speciality coffee beans. Grown in special and ideal climates.

Full cup taste.

It’s no secret that the coffee industry is booming. Chapter Coffee, an independent coffee roastery based in the heart of West Kensington, is taking artisan coffee roasting to the next level. We carefully source beans and work direct with trade farmers and co-operatives across the world, who share our passion. We roast by hand in small batches to ensure quality consistency and maximum flavour. In caring for each bean from farm to cup, we’ve seen our coffee win 3 Taste awards with a single origin taking the highest accolade of 3 stars.

Adventurous roasting styles, leaders in the industry. Let us be part of your story.

Sustainable sourcing

It is essential that we feel good about the beans we source. Not only are we proud of the exceptional quality and flavour of our beans, but also the sustainability at the heart of our brand.

The livelihoods of our farmers, who we have built relationships with individually, is our top priority. It is so much more than just paying a fair price. Every farm, estate and co-operative that we work with around the world carries the same high-quality standards that we do. Our beans are recognised by Fairtrade, the Rainforest Alliance and The Soil Association.


Co-Founder: Vinny


Cafezinho - Little coffee!

Vinny’s passion for coffee roasting started from the age of nine on his papa’s roastery in Brazil. He spent most of his childhood picking up coffee cultivation knowledge down to every perfect detail.

The technology was very different to what is available to the roasters of today. This meant that Vinny mastered the art of sensing when the beans were at their most flavoursome, without the use of modern day equipment.

Co-founder: george


Coffee matchmaker

George’s background in the bakery industry within sales and marketing meant he was well equipped for a career in the coffee industry.

George set out on a mission to find the perfect cup of coffee for the sweet treats he was working with. As soon as he was introduced to Vinny, he realised Vinny’s coffee was that perfect match that he had been looking for over the years.

Now knowing how to deliver the best product to their customers, the pair joined forces and brought their passion for coffee together, merging British and Brazilian heritage.



Golding coffee - 3 stars, great taste 2017

  • “Aromas of Christmas pudding, which come through on the palate. Cinnamon, cumin, clove.”

  • “Seriously berry-juicy.”

  • “Flavour evolves with each sip.”

  • “Complex and interesting.”

  • “A warming, citrussy lime flavour to this espresso with a clean, lingering finish in complete balance of sweetness and acidity.”

Shakespeare - 1 star, great taste 2017

  • “Extremely bright, zingy start.”

  • “Great length and acidity.”

  • “Floral notes on the nose carry through to the end, which has a pleasant fruit-driven finish.”

christie - 1 star, great taste 2017

  • “On the palate this offered depth; a hint of liquorice and spice all pleasantly balanced.”