Welcome to Chapter Coffee.


The delightful new aroma of roasting speciality coffee beans wafting around West Kensington alerts you to the brand new Chapter Coffee Roastery opened right on the corner of North End, Edith Villas and North End Crescent Roads, a stone’s throw away from West Kensington tube station.

In less than a year, after winning multiple awards, and being recognised as one of the best speciality coffees in the United Kingdom, Chapter Coffee Roasters begins a new chapter of its success story and launches its first speciality coffee house.


Speciality Coffees

Why not try the award-winning Golding coffee, single origin from Ethiopia, with a hint of stone fruits, floral flavours and a delicious fruity finish? Alternatively, how about the new release, Tolstoy, single origin from Kenya, with butterscotch, lemon curd and vanilla notes? However, if you prefer a Brazilian single origin artisan coffee, we would suggest Hemingway, which provides a balanced acidity with a pleasant sweetness and functional complexity, in addition to hints of soft, chocolatey notes with nutty characteristics.


“when we’re not roasting, we’re drinking coffee…

… and when we’re not drinking coffee, we’re talking about coffee.”

Vinny de Oliveira - Roastmaster