Chapter One - (Served until 1pm)

Smashed Avocado £7.50

Whole avocado lovingly smashed and served on toasted sourdough with chilli flakes

Eggs and kale £8

Kale, served with two poached eggs on sourdough toast and drizzled with hollandaise sauce

Vegetarian Breakfast - GLUTEN FREE £9

Smashed avocado, with roasted tomato and mushroom, served with spinach and kale

French Toast £9

Toasted brioche, with fresh mixed berries topped with creme fraiche and fruit compote

Sourdough Toast £2

Spreads, butter and locally sourced jams available

Sausage tricota £6

Traditional British Cumberland sausage served on toasted sourdough with caramelised onion and spinach

Eggs Benedict £8

Two poached eggs with ham and hollandaise sauce served on toasted sourdough

Classic Omelette £6

Made with two eggs and served on toasted sourdough

EXTRA TOPPINGS: Bacon 2, Ham 2, Tomato 1, Mushroom 1m, Spinach 1, Cheddar cheese 1

Fruit Salad £7

Fresh fruit with greek yoghurt and a drizzle of honey

Bacon on sourdough £6

Juicy grilled bacon, with roasted tomato and mushrooms, served on toasted sourdough

Eggs Royale £10

Two poached eggs with smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce served on toasted sourdough

The Full Chapter Breakfast £11

Two eggs(as you like them, two rashers of grilled bacon, juicy Cumberland sausage, roasted mushrooms and grilled cherry vine tomato served with sourdough toast

Toasted Croissants £4.50

Ham and mature cheddar cheese, or Kale, mature cheddar cheese and tomato

Chapter two - (Served from 11.30am til late)

Soup of the Day £6

Please ask your waiter for today's soup, Served with toasted crostini

Grilled Asparagus and Kale £8

Served with kale and poached egg

Vegetarian Chilli - GLUTEN FREE £9

Slow cooked red kidney beans, butter beans, black beans and chickpea chilli served with basmati rice

Home-made Fish Cakes £9

Salmon and Cod mixed with shallots, potato, coriander, spring onions and capers served/with fresh chilli and home-made tartare Sauce

Spaghetti Bolognese £10

Chunky minced beef and tomato sauce with herbs mixed with spaghetti pasta and sprinkled with parmesan cheese

The Sharing Platter for two £24

Selection of cured meats including Parma Ham and Bresaola. mixed salad of Kale and Toasted Almonds served with Sourdough Toast and a hearty Black Bean Stew


Spinach c3.50
Fries £3.50
Kale £3.50
Smoked salmon £3.50
Bread selection with infused oils £3
Olives and crostini £3.50

Tumeric Chicken Salad £8.50

Tumeric seasoned chicken, with cucumber, cherry tomatoes and red onion, served on a bed of gem lettuce and sprinkled with shaved parmesan

Chicken & Chorizo £12

Grilled chicken and chorizo with roast potatoes served on a bed of rocket

Brazilian Feijoada £14

Black bean stew, with smoked ribs and pork belly, chorizo served with basmati rice, kale and orange

Spaghetti New Chapter £10

Bacon, roasted cherry tomatoes, garlic onion and parsley

Penne Arrabiata £9

Spicy tomato sauce mixed with penne pasta, sprinkled with chilli flakes and parsley

Antipasto £14

Assorted cured meats including Parma and honey roasted ham, Mixed Olives, Grilled Artichokes, Burrata cheese and Gherkins, served with a selection of freshly baked Brea

Chapter Green Salad £8

Green apple, cucumber, tomatoes and red onion, served on a bed of gem luttuce and sprinkled with olives and feta cheese

The Chapter Stripped Burger £11

8oz Beef Burger with Pickled Beetroot and Cabbage, served on sourdough alongside sweet potato fries with diced bacon and Cheddar Shavings

Salt & Pepper Squid £8

Fried squid seasoned with salt and pepper and sprinkled with fresh coriander, spring onions and chillies.

Grilled Aubergine - Gluten free £10

Grilled Aubergine topped with grilled Halloumi and Courgettes, served with Roasted Tomatoes and topped with a Parsley and Courgette Sauce

Baked Camembert £10

Oven baked creamy camembert infused with toasted Garlic, rosemary, mixed olives and white wine sauce topped with caramelised red onion

Coffee Menu

Choose a coffee bean...
Please ask your waiter what blend & single origin is on offer today



Comprising sweet citrus aromatics, this Ethiopian Single Origin has a pleasing maple syrup-like body, with a hint of stone fruits and floral flavours. It is light on the tongue and has a delicious fruity finish



A bright and aromatic blend comprising of beans from Brazil, El Salvador and Guatemala, with crisp fruity acidity. Notes of mandarin and apricot are present, along with an indulgent dark chocolate finish. Rainforest Alliance Certified

New to 2018: Chaucer

A balanced and flavourful blend comprising beans from Brazil and Kenya, with rich body, with good notes of oranges, dried fruit and roasted almonds.


A flavourful Brazilian Single Origin with a well-rounded acidity, a pleasant sweetness and good complexity. Hemingway offers hints of soft, chocolatey notes with nutty characteristics

New to 2018: Wilde

A complex and interesting single origin from Papua New Guinea. Considered by many to be among the finest coffee in the world.
Trees are uprooted from the Blue Mountains, Jamaica, and replanted and acclimatised in Papua New Guinea

Austen (Decaf) 50p extra

A flavourful Brazilian Single Origin; smooth, mild and sweet with good notes of roasted peanuts, soft milk chocolate and cookie dough. Medium-bodied with mild acidity and slight burnt sugar sweetness. Our decaf coffee is processed using the Swiss water method



Shakespeare is our signature blend, using beans from Brazil, Guatemala, Sumatra and Kenya, and has a delicious velvety taste.
It comprises of notes of grape, fig and subtle hints of citrus and has a finishing reminiscent of milk chocolate and roasted nuts

New to 2018: Tolstoy

Our single origin from Kenya, sparkling with floral notes, with a velvety body and bright acidity with notes of butterscotch, lemon curd and vanilla.

Now pick your method...

V60 £3

Filter £2.70

Long Black £2.50

Espresso £2.50

Syphon £3

6oz £2.60

8oz £2.80

Add milk?
All of our milk is steamed to the same smooth and creamy texture
Estate dairy speciality farm to cup whole or semi skimmed milk - no extra charge

Alternative Milk 50p
Coconut, almond, soya & oat

If you suffer from any food allergies or intolerances please notify your waiter when placing your order. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the absence of traces of allergens. A discretionary 12.5% service charge will be added to your bill. Personal electronic devices used in restaurant at own risk.


Hard Backs

Wines - Red Wine

Reserve de Rafègue CABERNET SAUVIGNON, 2015 - FRANCE - Languedoc-Roussillon 12.5%
An ample, well-structured wine with fine, elegant tannins and notes of spices and red pepper giving it all its character.
175ml £6.10 / 250ml £8 / bottle £22

Feudo Montonin NERO D'VOLA, LA MERZA, 2014 - ORGANIC - ITALY - Sicily 13%
An intense ruby-red colour, its aroma has delicate hints of red fruits in harmony with floral notes typical of this vine. Possesses a soft, fruity flavour with elegant notes of cherry, as well as hints of vanilla at the finish.
175ml £8.50 / 250ml £11.50 / bottle £33

Le Merlaie - chianti docg, 2014 - italy - tuscany 12.5%
A distinctive intense nose of sour red cherry that leads to bright red plum and black cherry on the palate. Smooth, harmonious and balanced.
175ml £8 / 250ml £9.55 / bottle £28

Finca La Chamiza - POLO PROFESSIONAL MALBEC, 2015/16 - ARGENTINA - Mendoza 13.5%
Plum and raspberry aromas mingle elegantly with vanilla notes from the oak. This brilliant, intense red is well-balanced and exhibits sweet tannins and a velvety finish.
Bottle only £45

Wines - White Wine

Reserve de Rafègue - CHARDONNAY, 2015 - FRANCE - Languedoc-Roussillon 12.5%%
A remarkably well-balanced wine on the palate, with excellent roundness. You will enjoy its aromatic power and richness.
175ml £5.50 / 250ml £7 / bottle £20

Feudo Montoni - GRILLO, VIGNA, DELLA TIMPA, 2014 - ORGANIC - ITALY - Sicily 13%
A straw-coloured wine with greenish reflections, which presents notes of green apple to the nose in harmony with typical floral notes of orange blossom and bloom. Very fresh and persistent taste, outstanding acidity, well balanced by the alcohol, persuasive and soft finish.
175ml £8.50 / 250ml £10 / bottle £32

Villa San Martino - PINOT GRIGIO, 2014 - ITALY - Friuli-Venezia Giulia 12%%
Fruity, harmonious, round with hints of walnut, husk and lightly toasted
175ml £7 / 250ml £8.50 / bottle £25.50

Von Buhl - BONE DRY RIESLING,2017 - ORGANIC - GERMANY - Pfalz 12.5%
Bright and lively with distinctive aromas of fresh peach and apricot, counterbalanced by an edge of flint and minerality. Excellent Length with a vibrant, precise finish of grapefruit. Only 1gr of residual sugar per litre...a real bone dry!
Bottle only £45

Wines - Rosé

Stellar Organics Running Duck - shiraz Rosé 2017 - sth africa, western cape 13%
Ripe strawberry and Kir Royale notes. The apparent fruity sweetness on first tasting develops into a more solid structure and dry finish
175ml £6 / 250ml £8 / bottle £22

Sparkling Wine
Watch this space - arriving soon

Craft Beer

Punk IPA - Brewdog £4.50

Dead Pony Club - Brewdog £4.50

Lost Lager - Brewdog £3.75

Watch this space - Further exciting handcrafted beers and ciders arriving soon

The Page Turner Cocktails

Caipirina / Espresso Martini / Mojito / Negroni / Whisky Sour £8

Cucumber Collins / Gin & Tonic / Burnt Chocolate Baileys £7

- Soft Back -

Coke £2.50
Diet coke £2.50
Sprite £2.50
Still & sparkling water £2.50
Orange juice £4

Apple juice £4
Carrot Juice £4
Orange, carrot & apple juice £5
Carrot, apple & Ginger juice £5


The Green Chapter £6
Orange, apple, spirulina, kale and banana

The Unknown Chapter £6
Carrot, pineapple, strawberry, apple and mint

The Nut Chapter £6
Almond milk, banana, peanut butter and berries

The Protein Chapter £6
Acai sorbet, orange and banana


English Breakfast / Earl Grey / Green / Peppermint / Fresh mint £2.20

Fresh Lemon & Ginger / Chai Tea £2.50

A discretionary 12.5% service charge will be added to your bill. Personal electronic devices used in restaurant at own risk.