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Every great adventure starts somewhere unexpected and ours began in the suburbs of beautiful Goiânia, Brazil, where, at the age of nine, a young boy named Vinny sparked a passion for roasting coffee in his papa’s roastery.  His love of coffee was so great that he was known to his friends and family as Cafezinho (Little Coffee in Portuguese, in case you were wondering).

Vinny spent most of his childhood picking up the tricks of the trade from his papa, and, as soon as he turned 16, Vinny was appointed Senior Roastmaster, taking charge of the entire roasting plant. The technology then was quite different to what is available to today’s roasters, which allowed Vinny to master the art of sensing when the beans were at their most flavoursome without relying on modern day machinery.

Chapter Coffee’s Head of Operations, George, shares Vinny’s love of fine coffee and his passion for the industry truly shines through in his ability to recognise customers’ needs. With many years’ experience of his own, successfully supporting coffee shops with the growing of their small businesses, George is able to tailor make the perfect bespoke product and package to suit every individual.

In 2016 Vinny and George decided to combine their experience, skills and enthusiasm for coffee, and the Chapter Coffee story began. We now create a range of award-winning coffees with quality, consistency and customer service at the forefront of everything we do.

Each coffee in our range forms a chapter of our business’ story, and as such, each variety is named after our favourite authors and playwrights.

Let us be part of your story...