Technical services


More about OUR technical services…

A well-kept machine delivers a number of significant benefits to the operator:

  1. Consistent dosing and extraction for flavour

  2. Reliable and accurate product consumption for costing models

  3. Optimised speed of operation

  4. Optimised quality

  5. Full legal, best practice and insurance compliance

If you seek technical services through us, we can offer three different levels of service cover, including installation and a new water filtration programme.

A service contract lays out clearly our promise and accountability to you in entrusting us to look after your espresso equipment. Typically, with a new machine, we can scope out a three-year programme (or start with year one and review after 9 months).

Each programme is specific to your Sanremo machine model- following manufacturer-recommended procedures. Cover is for both single, multi boiler and high-performance machines.

Also, we deliver a full steam boiler inspection service, resulting in accredited certification fully compliant with Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000. This can be an express overnight service or off site with the provision of a loan machine during the process *(depending on availability)

So, whether you’re a coffee shop, hotel, conference centre, or restaurant wanting service cover, please get in touch for a quotation.

Our cover is available right across the UK including EIRE and certain island coverage.

Our engineers’ knowledge, supported with manufacturer training and a dedicated service hub which is contactable 7 days a week, supports an industry that rarely sleeps.